#SAFranchiseFriday featuring KwikFit

KwikFit offers tyre retail, fitment and vehicle servicing and boasts over 1,000 stores in the UK alone. In South Africa most of the 33 KwikFit outlets are owner-operated, ensuring unmatched service for South African vehicle owners. Recognising the necessity of adapting to a change in consumer habits, KwikFit has revisited their business strategy

and completed a rebranding exercise to revive their corporate and public image.
KwikFit has created a world first by offering all the services required by vehicle owners under one roof. While not moving away from the traditional fitment centre concept entirely, they have redesigned their product offering and overhauled their look and feel. By relocating some of their auto care centres to mall parking areas and allowing customers to take advantage of the longer trading hours, they have created a more pleasurable and convenient customer experience. To date, four mall outlets — Killarney Mall and Bedford Centre in Johannesburg and the …

The ABC of Franchising

No matter how challenging the economy, entrepreneurs will continue to look for exciting new opportunities and viable businesses to invest in. The franchising industry offers plenty of these, making up 13% of the GDP according to the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA).

“The industry is still growing and entrepreneurs see the value in franchise opportunities,” says Jan De Beer, Managing Executive for Zebro’s Chicken, The Fish & Chip Co. and Maxi’s at Taste Holdings.

If you are in the market for a successful franchise here are three important considerations:

A.      Select the right business
It may seem obvious but you need to do your research and also consider what the best fit is for you personally.  The franchise industry offers everything from van rentals and tool hire to clothing and restaurant opportunities so choices abound. The fast food and restaurant category makes up the biggest piece of the pie with 25% followed by retail sector at 15% and followed by the buildi…

South African children do us proud a the PAMA Global Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Championships

As children around the country get ready to start the 2018 school year, albeit under a cloud of uncertainty as South Africa lags behind on both literacy and numeracy and with the threat of an even lower pass rate and the possibility that maths will be dropped as a compulsory subject, a group of talented children start the year having won international acclaim at the PAMA Global Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Championships which South Africa hosted on the 28th December in Sandton.
“With seventeen countries represented and with close to 250 children of all ages taking place, it was encouraging to see South African children taking up some of the top spots in all the age categories,” said Marlene Mouton, the Chairperson of PAMA South Africa. This was achieved through the efforts of the teachers of the around 620 A+Students teaching franchises who subscribe to the PAMA Global Abacus & Mental Arithmetic methods and to the students who show that maths can be both easy and fun to do.”

Franchising sector - The year that was

2017 has been a year fraught with challenges for both consumers and business alike. South Africa has however remained an eye-catching destination for international brands looking to expand their businesses; none show this more than franchising in South Africa.

Morne Cronje, Head of Franchising at FNB Business agrees that even in what is said to be tough year, South Africa has managed to attract global franchise brands.

“A recent example of a global franchise brand coming into South Africa is Popeye’s, an American brand best known for its spicy Chicken. They launched here in July 2017. That is on the back of Krispy Kreme and Burger King having recently launched too - even with our challenges, we still offer growth opportunities to global entities. ”

Cronje shares key take outs from the year that was in franchising:

More clothing & fast-food brands: Retail franchising continued to grow in 2017. Over the past few years, we have seen more global brands like Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts…

A business strategy to stand the test of tough economic times

In the third quarter of 2017 the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) showed signs of recovery, but South Africa’s sovereign rating was still relegated to junk status in November. While it’s clear that  we are by no means out of the woods,  Kobus Engelbrecht, Marketing Head: Sanlam Business Market says the New Year brings new opportunities and possibilities for business owners. The beginning of the year, he says, is the time to devise plans to ensure that your business will be resilient during tough economic times.

“Think of it this way: no sports team enters a big match without a plan. In the same way, no business can thrive without a strategy. Moving proactively towards defined objectives is far more productive than simply reacting to business events. A plan brings priorities into focus, while allowing for the reshuffling of resources to areas where they’ll yield optimal results.”

To succeed in business, a comprehensive plan needs to be revised continuously, with tracking mechani…